Natraj Academy of Performing Arts Pvt.Ltd.

In the year 1992, Natraj Institute of Performing Artrs(should be Arts) made a modest beginning with the aim of propagating & popularizing Indian classical & folk dances since then the institute made a gradual and steady progress towards achievement of its objectives. Since then there has been 'no looking back' for the institute. Gradually the need emerged to convert it to more structured format. Thus this was also to facilitate the accommodation of various formal norms, rules and regulations to achieve a larger domain in the field of Indian classical and folk dances. Thus it was registered as a Pvt. Ltd. Company under the Companies Act 1956, and it gained its new name as "Natraj Academy of Performing Arts Pvt.Ltd" with effect from 6th June 2012. This also was done in co-memo ration of completing 20 years in this field.

Objectives of The Organization:

The Main Object To Be Pursued By The Company On Its Incorporation Is:

1. To run an academy of Performing Arts in full or partial fulfillment of obligations, rules& regulations of State Educational Boards & University Grand's Commission.

2. To Bring about 'Conservation of Indian Classical and Folk Dance Forms & overall conservation of Indian Culture.

3. To promote, protect & conserve the ancient , remotely passed, recent passed & current Indian Classical &Folk dances forms to maintain the indigenous integrity.

4. To project Indian Culture including classical & folk dances mentioned above on to an International Canvas/platform in its best perspective.

5. To adopt and bring about cultural assimilation between ethnic culture world over and in India.

Subsidiary Objectives:

1 To develop linkages with various conservation organizations with the objective of promoting Overall cultural conservation of Indian Dance Forms.

2. To raise funds enough to sustain the N.A.P.A . in its functioning, progress, propagation & overall well-being to make it a centre of excellence for learning Indian Dance forms & cultural trades, within India as abroad as well.

3. To maintain a library through Donation, exchange of books, documents, audio visuals, visuals for reference of students undertaking various courses.

4. To maintain a mechanism of developing a competent team of in house competent. Choreographers and audio visual unit.

5. To collaborate with foreign universities for faculty inputs related to all the ingredients of the Objectives mentioned .

Genesis of The Proposal:

1.Promoting business of N.A.P.A .

2.Propagating art & developing avenues for cultural exchange between UK and India an thus strengthen UK – India co-operation .

3.Inculcating the real essence of expressions required in dramas and acting through Indian classical skills (Emotions( Navarasaah) and Hand gestures( Hasthabedhaahs)

Target Groups :

1.Children above 8 (Should be above 5 )yrs of age.

2.College going students who have a keen interest in the field of dance.

3.University Drama students.

4.Any Individual who want to learn a new dance form ,has a interest in performing arts.